House of Fear: Cursed Souls

A house shrouded in oppressive atmosphere... Lights flickering rapidly and intimidating noises emanating from the walls when no one is around. Eerie whispers. Sudden, enraged screams. Shadows moving in the darkness. Complete darkness in the face of the unknown. The deeper you delve into the House's history, the more it will enter your soul. The dead need the living. They need you.

A mysterious and brutal murder in a small town has shocked its residents. Rumor has it that occultists slaughtered an entire family one night and cursed their souls, condemning them to eternal confinement within the walls. Can you unravel this complex mystery? Are you truly prepared to explore every corner of this dark and foreboding place and thereby free the unfortunate souls of the family? Think long and hard. If you fail, the House will devour your soul forever.

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